The Group

Members of the group today are:

Bo Östen Svensson exercises the noble art of playing five congas; Erik “Pygge” Henriksen, trained by the legendary Ray “Little Ray” Romero, plays the bongos and cowbell; Anna von Malmborg takes care of a wide range of percussion instruments, from a large tam to small finger cymbals.

Jan-Fredrik “Gizze” Gezelius, with a good education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and varied experience, plays the double bass.

Ulf Wallander plays the soprano and tenor saxophones, has a background as musician for theatre companies, and was a member of Bengt Berger’s Bitter Funeral Beer Band; Lars-Erik Lidström plays the clarinet and the tenor saxophone and is as familiar with jazz music as with art music; Marcus Sundbom plays a lot of reed instruments, was born into jazz.